So what are Syns in slimming world? If you’ve ever looked into starting slimming world or even heard people talking about the diet you’ve most likely heard or seen the word Syn. Once you find out what they are, they’ll become your best friend while on the Slimming World diet.

What Are Syns In Slimming World?

Syns are a small part of your diet but will be the one you focus on the most.

The Slimming World diet has 5 categories; Free Foods, Speed Foods, Healthy Extra A’s, Healthy Extra B’s and Syns.

Any food or drink that doesn’t fall into the first four categories has to be accounted for using your syns. Slimming World Calculate Syns based on a food‘s calories and how filling they are.

If you’re a member, Syn values can be found on their website. If you’re not a member or your food/drink isn’t on their database, syns workout as 1 Syn equals roughly 20 calories.

Click here to get a full break down of how the Slimming World Diet works.

How Many Syns Can You Have A Day?

Following the normal plan, you are allowed up to 15 Syns a day which is equal to roughly 300 calories. However, if you are following the Extra Easy Plan, you’re only allowed 10 Syns but that still equates to 200 calories.

Low syn treats

What Can I Use My Syns On?

You can use your Syns on absolutely anything. It doesn’t matter how unhealthy it is, so long as you only use 15 Syns for the whole day.

You can use them to add extras to a meal for more flavours or use them for a more fulfilling snack such as chocolate. You could even do both if you choose how you use your Syns wisely. I prefer to simply save most of my Syns for the evening and have a few treats or some alcohol.

For some inspiration on how to use your Syns and make them stretch further, check out this list of low Syn treats

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