It’s the week before Christmas and I’ve just hit a new milestone in my weight loss journey. I’m now just below 14 st (196 lbs) for the first time in about four years.


Starting weight: 238lbs
Loss this week: 1lb
Current weight: 195.5lbs

Total loss: 42.5lbs
Target weight: 175lbs
Weight left to lose: 20.5lbs

This Weekend

We didn’t have many plans this weekend so I was able to stick to my diet for the most part. We did enjoy a fake-away Saturday evening with frozen pizzas, mozzarella sticks and curly fries which was a cheat but I’ve been craving pizza for ages and this was a better alternative than a real take-away.

I carried on with my abs and core challenge over the weekend as well as fitting in my air bike. Sticking to 18km in 30 minutes has been a good workout and I can definitely feel it afterwards and it works up a good sweat.

This Week

I was a bit naughty Monday as we popped to Ikea for some furniture and grabbed a hot dog on the way out. Apart from this, I’ve stuck to my plan all week. I’m still forgetting to drink more water and eat extra bananas to up my energy but I’m getting better at it.

Started Exercise

The abs and core challenge is getting harder again now I’m over halfway through. It’s still a fun challenge and I’m feeling the effect of it.

I’ve been maintaining 18km each time I go on the air bike and still getting faster each time. This week I was 40 meters short of reaching 19km with was a bit annoying but it nearly killed me doing it. I don’t want to do any damage to myself that means I can’t carry on, so I’m still sticking to my goal of over 18km.

Progress Picture week!!

Week Before Christmas

As its the week before Christmas, I wanted to do my best to lose some more weight and although I didn’t lose much it pushed me just over a milestone. I am now just under 14 stone which hasn’t happened for about four years.

Every time I’ve tried to lose weight in the past I always struggled to get below 15 stone (210lbs) so to get this far has been an amazing feeling for me.

Next Week

As it’s Christmas next week it’s going to be really hard to keep on track especially as we are so busy. So all I’m going to say is I’ll try not to go too far overboard and come back stronger the next week.

I’m also going to have a week off from the air bike because I just won’t have the time to fit it in but I’ll keep at my abs and core challenge.

Merry Christmas!

Check out my full journey here:

The Journey Begins Here And This Is My Plan
Week 1 The First Steps To A New Me – 4.5lbs Down
Week 2 More Energy Already – 4lbs Down
Week 3 Motivation – 2 lbs Down
Week 4 Progress Picture – 2.5lbs Down
Week 5 Clothes Fitting Better – 2.5lbs Down
Week 6 Wrong Choices – 1lb Down
Week 7 Back On Track – 3.5lbs Down
Week 8 More Progress Pictures – 1lb Down
Week 9 More Focused – 3lbs Down
Week 10 Still Going Strong – 3lbs Down
Week 11 Disappointing – 0.5lbs Down
Week 12 Damn You Man Flu – 2.5lbs Down
Week 13 Food Cravings – 2lbs Down
Week 14 Distractions – 1lb Down
Week 15 Time Out – 1.5lbs Down
Week 16 Seeing A Difference – 0.5lbs Down
Week 17 Started Exercising – 0lbs Down
Week 18 Changes To My Diet – 1.5lbs Down
Week 19 Weight Gain – 1lb Up
Week 20 People Noticed – 2lbs Down
Week 21 Started Cardio – 1lb Down
Week 22 Burning Fat – 2.5lbs Down
Week 23 Sweating – 0.5lbs Down
Week 24 The Week Before Christmas – 1lb Down
Week 25 Christmas Week – 3.5lbs Up
Week 26 A New Year – 1lb Up
Week 27 Back To It – 2lbs Down
Week 28 Crazy Busy Week – 1lb Down
Week 29 Celebrating – 2lbs Up
Week 30 Back On The Bike – 3.5lbs Down
Week 31 Slow Going – 0.5lbs Down
Week 32 Some Progress – 0.5lbs Down
Week 33 Unmotivated – 1.5lbs Up
Week 34 I Need A Break – 2lbs Up

What is Your Week Before Christmas Like?

Do you use this week to lose as much as you can before Christmas? Carry on as normal? Or has the season of eating mince pies and pigs in blankets already started for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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