More Energy

Ok, so week two is over and I’m feeling great, I have more energy than I did two weeks ago. Usually, by 5 pm I’m feeling tired and just going through the motions just waiting to go to bed. Now I feel like I already have a lot more energy, I’m early when my son wakes up every day and this no longer takes its toll on me. If one of my children are up in the night it doesn’t affect me the next day like it used to. I’m also more energized to help out around the house in the evenings


Starting weight: 238lbs
Loss this week: 4lbs
Current weight: 229.5lbs

Total loss: 8.5lbs
Target weight: 175lbs
Weight left to lose: 54.5lbs


I have decided to be a bit more relaxed on the weekends. I’m still sticking to my diet most of the day, but I will have a few little treats like a sugar-free energy drink. Which I am probably allowed anyway for about 1 Syn. I will have a cheat meal or add extras to my normally healthy meals such as mayo. Hopefully, this will help me stay on track during the week. It has so far and I don’t feel like I’m going overboard on the weekends.

This Week

This week, as I’ve said, I have more energy. I am hoping to maintain this and not crash from a lack of food. I have been eating more bananas, a couple a day, to keep my energy levels up. It’s also a great way to stop cravings.

I am still sticking to my go-to breakfast of butter on wholemeal toast and a banana and go to lunch of chicken salad. I will be looking to change this up but as it is working for me at the moment I,m in no rush to change it. To stop me getting bored I have been mixing up my meals every night. This week I added a new meal to the plan, homemade chilli Con Carne. We haven’t had it yet so will be having it tonight or over the weekend.

My Favourite meal this week has been a Spanish Omelette filled with veg and more veg on the side. It doesn’t look the best in the picture but it tasted amazing.

Spanish Omelette for rmore Energy
My favourite meal of the week – Spanish Omelette


Because I’m basing my diet on the Slimming world diet I am allowed 15 Syns a day. I haven’t been using them apart from butter on my toast, yogurt with lunch and the odd bit with dinner. I must be leaving out about 10 Syns a day. At the moment I’m doing fine with out using up my syns but if I do feel I need a little treat I will be going to my List of favourates here.

Next Week

I have been planning to add exercise to my days but so far haven’t found something that will fit in with my routine. I really want to get my treadmill and start running but haven’t got the space yet and I’m too self conscious to be running the streets. So far I am happy with my weight loss progress, so I’m not in a huge rush to add exercise i’m not ready for or won’t enjoy.

Like last week, I will be adding in another new meal to my meal plans to keep things fresh. Apart from that, my diet seems to be working so I won’t be making any adjustments to it just yet.

Check out my full journey here:

The Journey Begins Here And This Is My Plan
Week 1 The First Steps To A New Me – 4.5lbs Down
Week 2 More Energy Already – 4lbs Down
Week 3 Motivation – 2 lbs Down
Week 4 Progress Picture – 2.5lbs Down
Week 5 Clothes Fitting Better – 2.5lbs Down
Week 6 Wrong Choices – 1lb Down
Week 7 Back On Track – 3.5lbs Down
Week 8 More Progress Pictures – 1lb Down
Week 9 More Focused – 3lbs Down
Week 10 Still Going Strong – 3lbs Down
Week 11 Disappointing – 0.5lbs Down
Week 12 Damn You Man Flu – 2.5lbs Down
Week 13 Food Cravings – 2lbs Down
Week 14 Distractions – 1lb Down
Week 15 Time Out – 1.5lbs Down
Week 16 Seeing A Difference – 0.5lbs Down
Week 17 Started Exercising – 0lbs Down
Week 18 Changes To My Diet – 1.5lbs Down
Week 19 Weight Gain – 1lb Up
Week 20 People Noticed – 2lbs Down
Week 21 Started Cardio – 1lb Down
Week 22 Burning Fat – 2.5lbs Down
Week 23 Sweating – 0.5lbs Down
Week 24 The Week Before Christmas – 1lb Down
Week 25 Christmas Week – 3.5lbs Up
Week 26 A New Year – 1lb Up
Week 27 Back To It – 2lbs Down
Week 28 Crazy Busy Week – 1lb Down
Week 29 Celebrating – 2lbs Up
Week 30 Back On The Bike – 3.5lbs Down
Week 31 Slow Going – 0.5lbs Down
Week 32 Some Progress – 0.5lbs Down
Week 33 Unmotivated – 1.5lbs Up
Week 34 I Need A Break – 2lbs Up

Where Do You Get More Energy From

Do you have any food you love because they give you an energy boost? Let me know in the comments below.

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