This week has been a real struggle. I have suffered from Man flu all week and its just been a struggle to concentrate on work let alone anything else.

However it is also progress picture week. I have started feeling much better this week so don’t look too much like crap in this picture. Apart from desperately needing a hair cut.

Progress picture - damn you man flu

Im just going to put in a throw back picture from what I looked like 12 weeks ago. I can’t beleive how different I look. I don’t really recognise myself in the image above yet, I still think of myself as how I looked when I started. It’s been years since I was under 210lbs…. thats crazy.

Me at the start of my journey


Starting weight: 238lbs
Loss this week: 2.5lbs
Current weight: 208lbs

Total loss: 30lbs
Target weight: 175lbs
Weight left to lose: 33lbs

This Weekend

This weekend was busy again, we spent Saturday at the amazing Abergavenny Food Festival and I ate way more than I should. I had a bacon cheeseburger, doughnuts, ice creams, brownies and Biltong, which is amazing. If you’ve never tried it, check it out here.

After a day of pure gluttony, I was good on Sunday just to try and balance it out a bit. I felt quite guilty about how much I ate but at the same time, if you cant enjoy yourself occasionally and overindulge, what’s the point. Maybe I’ve been thinking that more often than I should at the moment.

This Week

I woke up Monday morning feeling like death, all of my family’s been ill and it was my turn. I struggled just to sit at my computer and just concentrate on the screen. ( Probably overreacted a little bit) I was planning on looking for a treadmill this week but I didn’t even want to think about exercise. I did, however, finish writing a post I was writing to figure out when the best time to exercise would be for me so I can hit the ground running when I do finally start.

This week was all about damage control from the weekend. I didn’t think I would lose weight this week and I just wanted to be as strict as I could to ensure I didn’t put any on. Whilst I was being strict with what I ate, to combat my man flu I was drinking loads of Honey and Lemon mixed in hot water and knocking back tablets and Strepsils which was adding loads of sugar to my diet.

I was a bit anxious getting on the scales this morning wondering what the damage would be, I couldn’t believe it, what a surprise, I had to weigh twice just to double-check. I’d actually lost 2.5lbs.

My meal of the week is Spag Bol. I didn’t realise until my wife told me this week what she actually puts in it and its full of veg I wasn’t aware of. There’s garlic, mushrooms, onions, chopped tomatoes and more. All done by scratch by my amazing wife.

Meal of the week
My favourite meal of the week – Spag Bol

Next Week

I kept this weekend plan free so I could get back on track and not have too many bad weekends in a row but now I’m actually losing weight it probably wont be an overly strict weekend.

Next week I should be back to normal with no man flu so I’ll get back to looking for a treadmill and get some exercise in. I want my next progress picture to look a lot different from this one.

Check out my full journey here:

The Journey Begins Here And This Is My Plan
Week 1 The First Steps To A New Me – 4.5lbs Down
Week 2 More Energy Already – 4lbs Down
Week 3 Motivation – 2 lbs Down
Week 4 Progress Picture – 2.5lbs Down
Week 5 Clothes Fitting Better – 2.5lbs Down
Week 6 Wrong Choices – 1lb Down
Week 7 Back On Track – 3.5lbs Down
Week 8 More Progress Pictures – 1lb Down
Week 9 More Focused – 3lbs Down
Week 10 Still Going Strong – 3lbs Down
Week 11 Disappointing – 0.5lbs Down
Week 12 Damn You Man Flu – 2.5lbs Down
Week 13 Food Cravings – 2lbs Down
Week 14 Distractions – 1lb Down
Week 15 Time Out – 1.5lbs Down
Week 16 Seeing A Difference – 0.5lbs Down
Week 17 Started Exercising – 0lbs Down
Week 18 Changes To My Diet – 1.5lbs Down
Week 19 Weight Gain – 1lb Up
Week 20 People Noticed – 2lbs Down
Week 21 Started Cardio – 1lb Down
Week 22 Burning Fat – 2.5lbs Down
Week 23 Sweating – 0.5lbs Down
Week 24 The Week Before Christmas – 1lb Down
Week 25 Christmas Week – 3.5lbs Up
Week 26 A New Year – 1lb Up
Week 27 Back To It – 2lbs Down
Week 28 Crazy Busy Week – 1lb Down
Week 29 Celebrating – 2lbs Up
Week 30 Back On The Bike – 3.5lbs Down
Week 31 Slow Going – 0.5lbs Down
Week 32 Some Progress – 0.5lbs Down
Week 33 Unmotivated – 1.5lbs Up
Week 34 I Need A Break – 2lbs Up

What Happens To Your Diet When You Get Man Flu Or Just Generally Ill?

Do you push through and stick at it or turn to comfort food to make you feel better? Let me know in the comments below.

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