After 10 weeks I am still going strong. The time and flown by and I can’t believe what I have achieved in this time. I look forward to what the next 10 weeks will bring.


Starting weight: 238lbs
Loss this week: 3lbs
Current weight: 211lbs

Total loss: 27lbs
Target weight: 175lbs
Weight left to lose: 36lbs

This Weekend

I continued to try and be strict with myself over the weekend. Apart from a small chocolate treat on Saturday and a bit of a naughty lunch Sunday I was successful. I also went without an energy drink, not even a sugar-free one and I didn’t even crave one. This is huge for me, I can’t remember the last time I never had an energy drink at least once a week.

It was another busy weekend of sorting ourselves out for the week and gardening saturday. Sunday was spent moving really heavy furniture into other parts of the house like American style fridges and washing machines.

This Week

I am still going strong during the weeks and sticking to my diet. It can be hard at times especially when my wife is sat next to me eating cookies but my will power is a lot stronger.

Just as I had finished writing that last sentence, I noticed my wife and son were making cupcakes and I couldn’t resist, I had to eat some of the cake mix. It’s too good to miss out on when I’m sat watching my son just about to dive into the bowl.

I have to give a huge shout out to my wife Amy. Not only is she looking after our two-year-old son and five-month-old daughter while I work, but she has also supported me so much in my journey, I couldn’t do it without her. She cooks almost every night apart from the very rare occasion when I do it. I keep throwing new meal ideas at her and she keeps smashing them out the park. So my favourite meal this week is another I have asked from her and one of the best yet, Quorn Chicken Casserole.

casserole to help me still going strong
My favourite meal of the week – Quorn Chicken Casserole

Next Week

I’ve almost got enough space in my office for a treadmill so next week I will be looking to finally get one. I’ll be keeping my diet the same and I’ve been trying to stick to these 5 simple tips that seem to be working for me at the moment.

Check out my full journey here:

The Journey Begins Here And This Is My Plan
Week 1 The First Steps To A New Me – 4.5lbs Down
Week 2 More Energy Already – 4lbs Down
Week 3 Motivation – 2 lbs Down
Week 4 Progress Picture – 2.5lbs Down
Week 5 Clothes Fitting Better – 2.5lbs Down
Week 6 Wrong Choices – 1lb Down
Week 7 Back On Track – 3.5lbs Down
Week 8 More Progress Pictures – 1lb Down
Week 9 More Focused – 3lbs Down
Week 10 Still Going Strong – 3lbs Down
Week 11 Disappointing – 0.5lbs Down
Week 12 Damn You Man Flu – 2.5lbs Down
Week 13 Food Cravings – 2lbs Down
Week 14 Distractions – 1lb Down
Week 15 Time Out – 1.5lbs Down
Week 16 Seeing A Difference – 0.5lbs Down
Week 17 Started Exercising – 0lbs Down
Week 18 Changes To My Diet – 1.5lbs Down
Week 19 Weight Gain – 1lb Up
Week 20 People Noticed – 2lbs Down
Week 21 Started Cardio – 1lb Down
Week 22 Burning Fat – 2.5lbs Down
Week 23 Sweating – 0.5lbs Down
Week 24 The Week Before Christmas – 1lb Down
Week 25 Christmas Week – 3.5lbs Up
Week 26 A New Year – 1lb Up
Week 27 Back To It – 2lbs Down
Week 28 Crazy Busy Week – 1lb Down
Week 29 Celebrating – 2lbs Up
Week 30 Back On The Bike – 3.5lbs Down
Week 31 Slow Going – 0.5lbs Down
Week 32 Some Progress – 0.5lbs Down
Week 33 Unmotivated – 1.5lbs Up
Week 34 I Need A Break – 2lbs Up

Are You Still Going Strong?

It can be hard to stick to a new way of life and breaking old habits. What are your motivations that keep you going strong?

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