Getting fit can be hard when you don’t enjoy sports or have a busy lifestyle but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you hate the thought of going to the gym or think taking time to exercise is wasting your day, these activities will help you to get fit without having to.

Get Fit Without Exercise With These Ideas


Get Fit Without Exercising By Gardening

Gardening can be a very therapeutic and rewarding task. From mowing the grass and raking up leaves to cutting hedges and putting up fences, you not only burn calories but also get an over body workout which helps build muscle.

The good thing about gardening (or the bad thing whichever way you like to see it), there is something that needs doing all year round. Whether it’s cutting the grass, planting flowers, raking up the leaves or even shovelling snow

Depending on what you’re doing in the garden from planting flowers to full landscaping work, you can burn anywhere between 200 and 600 calories an hour. You can even make things harder for yourself to burn even more by using hand tools instead of power tools and switching your lawnmower to a push mower.


Get Fit With DIY

DIY is another great way of burning calories whilst being productive. Fixing things around the house or redecorating can be very rewarding and works up a sweat at the same time.

I find that there is always something that needs fixing or building. Theres always one room in the house that needs a makeover. It can be done at any time of the day throughout the year unless you’re making a lot of noise or trying to change a light fitting late in the day.

From general DIY to painting and plastering you can burn from 270 to 325 calories an hour.



Housework is a job most of us try to avoid as much as possible as it seems to be never-ending. This can also be seen as a positive (give me a chance to explain). OK, you may not enjoy this one but if you don’t enjoy exercise either why not kill two birds with one stone and get them both out the way at the same time.

If you do enjoy housework, why not make things even more of a challenge and swap loading the dishwasher for washing up by hand. Or even get rid of your mop and scrub the floors on your hands and knees with a brush.

Housework can burn a lot of calories from 100 per hour just dusting to 400 an hour scrubbing the bath. It will also help you to tone your muscles.


Get Fit With Out Exercise Sightseeing

If you prefer to get out of the house then sightseeing will be for you. Looking for amazing views across a valley, looking out from the top of a hill or searching for waterfalls can be quite relaxing. These views aren’t usually that easy to get to and require walking or hiking. If you prefer buildings to views, walking around an old town will still burn some calories.

Walking can burn 250 to 350 calories an hour while hiking can burn from 300 to 600 an hour. Its also good for toning the muscles in your legs.

Do Something With Your Children

Get Fit With Your Child

Taking your kids out can be great fun for them and for you. There are so many different things you can do from soft play to walking to just playing around in the garden. You can even get a bit adventurous with it and take them kayaking or to the beach.

Let lose and chase your kids around soft play and you can burn 300 to 600 calories an hour. If you can last that long, those things are killer.

Sit your child on the front of a kayak and take it out around a lake and you can burn over 300 calories an hour.

What Else You Can Do To Get Fit Without Exercise

Getting fit isn’t just about burning calories. You also need to take care of your body and watch what you put in it.

Healthy Diet

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy body weight requires a balanced diet. Whether it’s following a diet plan, calorie counting or just having healthy meals and cutting out junk food. It all helps towards getting fit.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important for the body and will help you to recover from exercise and keep you energised. You can read more about this here.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is beneficial for your health as this is when your body repairs its self. It is also important as a lack of sleep can disrupt your appetite and increase your hunger and cravings.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can be so harmful to your body and although it can suppress hunger, quitting has so many more advantages that can improve your body. There are so many different ways to quit smoking now as well, meaning its not as hard and you can choose the way that suits you best.

How Do You Get Fit Without Exercise

Do you have any great ideas for staying fit without exercising? Let me know in the comments below.

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