Week 9 More Focused – 3lbs Down

I have started noticing how much more focused I've become. I used to get easily distracted while working or not stick to my diet. Now I am so much more focused in every aspect of my life. I keep looking ahead and want to reach Stats Starting weight: 238lbsLoss this…


Week 8 Second Progress Picture – 1lb Down

This is now my second progress picture and although I haven't lost as much weight between pictures this time I can see I have made more progress. It's crazy to me than in only 8 weeks my body has changed so much and it gives me the drive to carry…


Week 7 Back On Track – 3.5lbs Down

I can't believe how quickly I've managed to turn it back around after losing so little last week. I felt so annoyed at myself last week but it feels so good to be back on track. Stats Starting weight: 238lbsLoss this week: 3.5lbsCurrent weight: 218lbs Total loss: 20lbsTarget weight: 175lbsWeight…


Week 6 Wrong Choices – 1lb Down

I've Been Making The Wrong Choices I have found things quite hard this week and have been making the wrong choices with my diet. Although I still lost 1lb I'm kicking myself over what I've done this week. Stats Starting weight: 238lbsLoss this week: 1lbsCurrent weight: 221.5lbs Total loss: 16.5lbsTarget…


Week 5 Clothes Fitting Better – 2.5lbs Down

My Clothes Are Fitting Better I am starting to find all my clothes are fitting better, all the ones that have been tight on me or a bit short over the belly, I now feel comfortable in. They feel almost loose even and its such a great feeling. Some tops…


Week 4 Progress Picture – 2.5lbs Down

My Progress Picture I've decided every 4 weeks to upload a progress picture to compare how my body is changing and it gives me something to look back on. Me at 225lbs I am happy with my progress so far but thought it would be a little further along. Usually,…


Week 3 Motivation – 2lbs Down

Motivation Three weeks in now and although I am not lacking motivation to carry on, I found a picture that I'll be using to keep going. This picture of me was taken four years ago on honeymoon. I lost around 50lbs before we went so I could enjoy it and…


Week 2 More Energy Already – 4lbs Down

More Energy Ok, so week two is over and I'm feeling great, I have more energy than I did two weeks ago. Usually, by 5 pm I'm feeling tired and just going through the motions just waiting to go to bed. Now I feel like I already have a lot…


The Journey Begins Here And This Is My Plan

Welcome to my Journey! I wasn't planning to start this for a few months until I had time to prepare myself properly. However, after seeing photos from a recent holiday I decided I couldn't wait any longer, so here I am. My Past Before I get onto my plan to…

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