Improve Your Diet

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or stay healthy there are always a few ways you can easily improve your diet. These 5 simple tips will help you reach your goals.

Drink More Water

Drinking Water

If you’re not drinking water then you are most likely drinking calories. Replace your fizzy drinks and juices with water to reduce your calorie intake.

Swapping to water will not only reduce your calorie intake but give you the many other benefits of hydration to aid you on your weight goals. water will also increase your digestion process and make reduce cravings. Stay hydrated throughout the day especially before meals.

Snack On Fruit

improve your diet with fruit

Snacking on fruit instead of high-calorie foods is a great way to improve your diet. Not only will you reduce your calorie intake but you’ll also gain a more nutritious diet.

You should also see the other benefits that come from fruits such as bananas, which are great if you’re hungry as they fill you up.

Snack On Low Calorie Treats

Low syn treats

If fruit’s not your thing then check out my list of low-calorie treats. These will help to reduce your cravings for other high-calorie snacks.

You can still indulge your sweet tooth without ruining your goals. Snacking on a few low-calorie treats instead of your normal snacks will help you to keep your weight down or even help you to lose weight.

Add More Veg To Your Meals


Adding vegetables to your meals is a great way to increase portion sizes without overindulging.

Vegetables are also full of fibre which is great for making your digestive system work efficiently and regularly. You also get all the other benefits of eating vegetables such as the added nutrients and minerals.

Eat Less In The Evening

Eat less in the evening

Weight gain is more about how many calories you consume rather than when you consume them. However, studies have shown a correlation between people eating close to bedtime consuming more calories than those that don’t. This then results in weight loss.

There was nothing better than sitting in front of the TV with a bag of crisps and a pack cookies before I started my journey. Now I restrict myself to eating nothing after my evening meal except fo the odd banana.

If cutting out nighttime eating is a big no for you, try from the choices above and stick to fruit or low-calorie snacks.

Other Simple Tips To Improve Your Diet

Have you found other ways to improve your diet? Let me know in the comments below.

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